Trakking adventure by Datatool (Thatcham S5)

£225.00 £185.00 exc VAT


ATVS and side-by-sides are a big part of todays farming/equestrian world, working hard everyday.

However a growing issue is theft of these useful workhorses, and where physical security is still the most effective deterrent (locking the machines away and or chaining it to something secure), new GPS technology is the best way to protect your investment.

As official dealers of the Scorpion Datatool Trak-King Adventure system (Honda approved, Thatcham categorised), we feel this system is not only the best way of deterring theft in the first place, but also of aiding recovery of any machine with it fitted.

Simply controlled by a smartphone app, this system allows you to not only GPS locate your machine, but also to “ringfence” it, to set locations at set times of day.

This technology recognises if the machine is moved/started outside of set time/location parameters, informing the security centre and contacting you (if set/specified).

Another great feature is the inbuilt rollover safety setting:

If the machine is noted by GPS as being on its side/upside down for a period of more than a few minutes, it alerts the safety centre and tries to make contact with you.

So security for your valuable machine and its rider!

This system is free of charge on any new Honda ATV (subject to an installation charge), with a very affordable £9.95 per month (inclusive of vat) service subscription per month.

This can be paid as a one off payment of £109 for a full year (vat inclusive)

This system can be fitted to any used Honda (or non Honda) ATV or side by side, fitted with a 12 volt negative earth system for  £185+vat (includes fitting cost BUT service subscription fees, as stated above will apply)

This system is widely recognised by the insurance industry and MAY give a discount on your insurance renewal cost.Call us for a no obligation fitting quote.

Please feel free to ring us for a no obligation quote and further information.



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